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LPN Classes and Certification Tips

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are very important to the healthcare profession. They work in various healthcare departments and fields under the supervision of registered physicians or doctors and registered nurses. Their main responsibilities include: providing relevant assistance to doctors and nurses, collecting and recording patient information, e.g. blood pressure levels, weight, etc. They also assist in pediatric and labor departments, as well collecting lab tests and samples.

There is a rising demand for LPNs in the medical field. This means that people who choose this profession will have great job opportunities to choose from, especially in these hard economic times. However, it requires a lot of patience, dedication and compassion in order to make it in this profession. In addition people aspiring to become LPNs are required to take accredited LPN classes in order to qualify and receive a practicing license.

LPN classes are offered by various universities and nursing schools and colleges, physically as well as online. The online LPN classes are perfect for people who are looking for flexibility, i.e. a chance to study without altering their normal schedule. The online classes are preferred by majority not only because of the convenience but also because of the reduced costs involved. This is in terms of accommodation and transport costs, which are not necessary when taking the classes online. All one needs is a computer, internet and time. They can take the classes anywhere and still get the same benefits as their counterparts, because the coursework is the same.

The coursework for LPN classes include training in:

- Basic Fundamentals in Nursing.

- Anatomy and Physiology.

- Diet and Nutrition Therapy.

- Obstetric Nursing.

- Medical Administration Procedures.

- Emergency Care.

- Surgical Nursing.

- Pediatric Nursing.

- Effective Communication.

- Medical Terminologies.

- Medical Nursing

- Psychiatric Nursing

- Biology & Microbiology.

The classes take approximately 1 year to complete and students must sit for the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination) exam and pass in order to get a practicing license. Depending on the institution, one can complete the classes within 9-10 months. The classes must be taken from institutions, online or otherwise, that are approved and accredited by the State in which they are based. The degree acquired qualifies the LPNs to upgrade and advance their careers and become registered nurses.

They are automatically qualified to enroll for LPN to RN or LPN to BSN degree programs in future, with some of the classes covered during the original LPN classes dropped from current classes.

LPN classes are affordable although for those who cannot afford them, there are scholarships and grants offered by various universities, nursing colleges and schools, as well as different organizations. This gives everyone an opportunity, as long as they are qualified, to attend the classes, receive their training and become qualified and certified LPNs. the online classes are run and managed by the lecturers based at the physical, approved and accredited institutions.

Things to consider when looking for a suitable institution for LPN classes

- State Approval and Accreditation

- Tuition costs

- Licensing exam preparation and pass rate

- Placement of work assistance

- Specialty classes

Selecting the appropriate LPN school…

Once you have decided on becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse- LPN, having taken the first step in an amazing career helping people, you should now consider looking for a school that offers you the best possible education in preparation for your career.

Factors to consider in choosing an LPN schoolThe location of the school. Select one where the community around ranks it respectably. Some schools may be affordable but possess a disheartening history of inferior nurses. Some pricey schools also may end up creating the best nurses but the graduating rate is very low.The cost is a very important aspect to consider. The cost apportionment could be based on the training present, the number of credit hours being taken or per semester.

When faced with limited resources, taking up limited number of classes all at one time is an effective way to lessen your budget and enable you to become an LPN affordably.Having that in mind, you should need to know the numbers of credits you are getting with every semester you take. These credits will go a long way after applying for your LPN certification towards gaining RN. Some LPN schools offer these courses in one single semester leaving out credits in biology and other subjects.

Ensure your transcript includes all courses attended.Ensure you check the accreditation of the institution. Not all schools offering these courses are given the go ahead by the state especially when searching online. For you to obtain the LPN you have to complete the course successfully in an accredited institution. Also for you to continue with your learning, your credits should be from an accredited school.

With the LPN school the purported duration is twelve months depending on the different states. Attending the school should be full time as the credits obtained have a time limit for validity. Upon finishing the nursing program, you will have to sit for the NCLEX exam. When you successfully pass, you now become an LPN and can commence the practice in hospitals, clinics etc.

There exist LPN program online recognized by the Higher Education Reconciliation Act as legit institutions. The advantage of this is that you are able to learn at your own pace depending on your life schedule and demands. With a limited budget, you could take advantage of the Pell Grant which supplies a substantial amount on your cost. Also student loans come in handy but need to be repaid.

Admission requirements for an LPN programhigh school diplomaGEDsome schools may ask for a physical test for fitness purposesApplicant to be a US citizen or a permanent green card resident with age 18 years and above. Application fee ranging between $35 and $50. References preferably written from employer, teacher etc. A criminal check may be conducted.

LPN schools educate people on nursing theories, patient communication and care. You will learn techniques that will be applicable in saving the lives of people. Students also get learn how to document the charts of patients.This is a gateway to an amazing opportunity that you should embrace with utmost determination.